Thuid, Son of Fire

Prideful, former royal, Dragonborn Ranger seeking to regain family honor. Also must love dogs.


Leather armor, longbow & quiver (with 20 arrows), two shortswords, & an explorers pack.



(Name/Atk Bonus/Damage & Type)

Personal Goal

Thuid, joined by Thalin, were invited to Neverwinter on a money making opportunity. Intially thinking it beneath him. He decided coin controls everything around him, so he might as well get back into the world.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality Traits:

Thuid is a pot-of-coffee-by-day, bottle-of-wine-by-night type of guy. Except the Wine is the blood of his enemies. And he finds the idea of needing caffeine to wake up in the morning disgusting because your drive for life should be enough.


Exiled from his clan as a child, because his father’s actions, Thuid was raised in the wild away from civilization. After the death of his father, by a horde marauding goblins, Thuid vowed to restore honor to his Father’s name.

He believes if you do not have honor you have nothing.


Thuid’s only bond is to his brother. His faith is shaken but his honor and blood ties are all that matters.


Thuid’s pride is a point of contention amongst others he meets. He is very proud to a fault which leads to situations where he will lower himself to the lax standards of others or admit fault in himself. This can result in Thuid going things alone. This could be his royal blood or desire to bring honor to his father’s name.

Languages: Draconic & Common


Features & Traits

  • Has a certain immunity to fire damage
  • Immense wisdom and intelligence about Goblins
  • Can move unimpeded through forests
  • Speaks Common, Draconic, and Goblish

Thuid, Son of Fire

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